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Now, I know what you're thinking, this has to be a joke? To which the answer is yes and no...

Everything started on March 16, 2020 when our little boy Ezio was born. He inspired us to take our dreams and ambitions to the next level and truly make a difference in the world. Hence, we decided to start EZIO Creative on the same day(who knows, maybe he'll grow up to lead the company one day).

A couple years later, and we've grown from successful freelancers to an award-winning creative studio working with some of the world's biggest brands.

But, this is just the beginning...

Our Mission

Our Mission
EZIO Creative Studio

Our Mission is to execute your vision through effective strategies, distinctive branding,compelling data-driven marketing, and innovative motion.

Our team has helped a wide variety of organizations; from Fitness to Tech, to Non-profits, we have done it all and know how personal your business is and just how important that individualized approach is to take your business to the next level.

At Ezio Creative, we treat every client like a clean slate.We dive into the core of your business and tailor solutions to be completely individualized to your needs.This applies to anything we provide to you: from Marketing Analysis, Brand Development, Ad Campaigns,to Video Solutions.

If our team is working alongside you,know that your business will be handled with the utmost care through the entirety of our relationship.

Our Executive Team

Executive Team
David Perez - EZIO Creative - CEO | Creative Director

David Perez

Co-Founder | CEO | Creative Director

Haley Kerpan - EZIO Creative - CEO | Creative Director

Haley Kerpan

Co-Founder | COO

Brianna Yenne - EZIO Creative - CEO | Creative Director

Brianna Yenne

Executive Project Manager

Francisco Paris - EZIO Creative - CEO | Creative Director

Francisco Paris

Lead Senior Graphic Designer

Our Process

Our Process
Lobo Energy Animation Storyboard Mockup
Zen Peacemakers Strategy Playbook
Rutendo Gwaze - RG Real Estate Branding Mockup
Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge Event Conference Mockup
AWIT Branding Mockup
  1. 01 - Discover

    In our first crucial phase, the team gets to know you and your business. Our Initial Discovery Call and other communication following is essential in determining how we can be of utmost value as we become an integral facet of your team.
  2. 02 - Develop

    After we discover your pain points and/or aspects of your business you want to propel forward, we develop the scope of your project. You will work with us to compile a project that fits exactly what you need into one cohesive package.
  3. 03 - Research

    Once we have established the scope of our work together, our team takes the project and conducts any external market research needed to get the full picture of what will equip us with giving you optimal results.
  4. 04 - Action

    Once the critical research is complete, We begin with the design and development of your project. Along the way, you will provide feedback and receive timely project updates. Watch the magic happen as we get to work on what we do best.
  5. 05 - Optimization

    After the initial drafts are finalized, it’s time for revisions and adjustments. We make sure everything exceeds your expectations and tweak the initial versions to perfection.You are almost to the finish line!
  6. 06 - Completion

    Now that all revisions are made, and the final product is delivered, we communicate with you to ensure all your needs are exceeded. If you have a recurring project with us, don’t worry! We continue our Research, Action, and Adjustment Phases to ensure your project continues to excel all your needs!


20 Years of Experience
8 Design Awards
35 Clients & Partners
8 Creative Minds
Unlimited Capabilities